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Tony Madden

Tony is a Paramedic Practitioner at Cliff House Medical Practice. He started his career in Health Care in 2012 working initially as a volunteer Community First Responder. He carried out … [continue] Tony Madden

Meena Uppal

I am a proficient pharmacist with vast experience, spanning across pharmacy management, hospitals and GP practices. I am dedicated to delivering high quality healthcare through collaborative working. I enjoy working … [continue] Meena Uppal

Shiraz Haider

I have worked in hospital for 18+ years, mental health for 17+ years with 10+ years at a senior level and 7 years as a Chief Pharmacist. Since 2017 I have been working as a GP Pharmacist.

My modus operandi is to improve the health and well-being of the local population we all serve.

Paul Thompson

I’m a Clinical Pharmacist and have a history in Community Pharmacy. I do Medicine reviews and help people use their medication correctly to optimize its benefits.

James Ford

Senior clinical pharmacist IMP Federation
Primary care lead Lincolnshire Co-operative

I have worked in general practice for a number of years and currently work exclusively as a GP clinical pharmacist.
I am also a prescriber so I hold clinics and prescribe medications within the practice.