Cliff House Medical Practice

Gresham Street – Branch Surgery

Patient Feedback

Below is feedback for the practice following the introduction of the new AskMyGP system.


100% happy with the help my daughter is getting right now. Plus Shiraz has always reassured me in the hard times I’m having. –  03 April 2020


This was much easier than getting an appointment. I like this system. –  06 April 2020


Very supportive and quick help I have always found my surgery and receptionists very polite and helpful and professional. This new service improves it further. – 08 April 2020


I think this is a brilliant service, especially in these difficult times. It saves time and you can put your mind at ease more quickly. – 09 April 2020


Dr. Jurkovic is incredibly attentive, provides very helpful advice and replies very fast. Thank you so much! – 15 April 2020


Excellent way of getting information or repeat prescriptions. – 16 April 2020


Thank you so much to Shiraz Haider. Not only was Shiraz very helpful and ensured that my daughter will get the medication she needs, but also was chatty and friendly. It was nice to have someone on the phone who enjoyed just talking to you as well as providing a service. – 16 April 2020


Wonderful service, Cliff House Medical practice are wonderful, so grateful for their help and support. – 21 April 2020


I had only registered this morning and left my query. I was very pleased with the quick response and my comment and query have been sorted within the same day, impressed.
This is the way forward! – 27 April 2020


This take the worry and anxiety out of trying to get through on the phone to see a Dr and is great to get an Email or call with a Dr the same day I love it! – 04 May 2020


Nurse Tracey was absolutely lovely. Really easy process (I get anxious with phone calls so messaging over ask my GP is much easier for me) thank you! – 07 May 2020


Especially in the current crisis, it was very reassuring to know contact could be made with the practice for help. Very happy for what I contacted for to be treated without face to face contact. Thank you. – 13 May 2020


Nurse Thorpe was professional, excellent & friendly. – 19 May 2020


Brilliant! This medical practice is the best I have been too – everyone is so helpful and polite. – 22 May 2020


I am so thankful for Dr Jurkovic’s time and support today. Your care has made a really difficult situation feel supported. Thank you for your kindness. – 22 May 2020


Thank you Dr Sondhi for an excellent consultation as usual. Most appreciated. – 26 May 2020


Very lovely staff very helpful and fast and just wow – 04 June 2020


The doctor was very polite and able to deal with my issue. Definitely a lot better doing in this way.- 10 June 2020


Contacted & issue resolved in under 30 minutes, great service, thank you. – 16 June 2020


This service is fantastic, so quick and easy to use. I would usually (and understandably) have to wait 2/3 weeks for an appointment and this was all sorted in approx 3 hours! I was able to leave a detailed description of my concerns which the practitioner could read before giving me a call. – 17 June 2020


This has been an excellent use of technology. I have felt listened to and that the doctor took time to understand the problem and work with me towards a solution (she telephoned when emails were unclear), was compassionate, kind and responsive. The user interface is straightforward and simple to use. Previously we would have needed appointments and face to face consultations in a process that would have taken days. This has been sorted in under 90 mins in a way that has been convenient for me and I hope also for the doctor. – 22 June 2020


Having limited time to attend appointments due to my occupation this offers a really good flexible alternative. – 25 June 2020


I haven’t used a previous system but Chloe was helpful thank you. – 06 July 2020


Aimee the receptionist was very fast processing a referral for me. I had a signed copy sent to its destination in under 2 1/2 hours from opening. Very useful service. Thanks. – 07 July 2020


AskMyGP is brilliant. Most of my queries can be resolved this way. I like the convenience of this methods. It must be cost effective. Time & cost saved can be put to effective use. I will use this service long after the pandemic is under control. – 16 July 2020


I spoke with the practice pharmacist, who was very helpful. I didn’t feel rushed and was happy with the service – 20 July 2020

Date published: 9th July, 2020
Date last updated: 23rd July, 2020